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Make sure your safety is top Priority:

In 2016 more than 50 of the best selling vehicles were redesigned.

In 2017 more than 55 vehicles were redesigned!

What does that mean to you?

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Blue Tech Car

When a vehicle is redesigned,

new technologies are

added that will need to be

addressed in an accident.

Think about new systems to avoid crashes or the air bag timing.  All systems have to be repaired with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and put back exactly the way they were manufactured in order to perform correctly in the event of a crash.

Insurance Company Preferred Shops

Insurance companies have contracts with body shops they call “Preferred” requiring them to work for discounted pricing and concessions.

The “discount” is found by requiring these shops to use salvage (junk yard), aftermarket or re-manufactured parts as well as directing the repair process.

Jerry’s Collision Center Works for You!

We feel that this agreement jeopardizes the Safety and Quality of your repair, especially as new technology is added to vehicles. As a result, Jerry’s Collision has chosen not to participate in the “preferred” programs.

Our customers appreciate the extra precautions we take.

We’ve maintained strong relationships with the insurance companies since 1980.

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You may be told they will not “Warranty” your repair since we are not a “Preferred” shop.  

NO Insurance Company can Warranty the Repairs, only the shop that performed them can.

Even at body shops on the “list”, your insurance company is not accepting

the liability for the quality and safety of your vehicle’s repair.

Our Warranty is Lifetime!

Your car will be repaired to the manufacturers specifications  when it leaves our shop.

Your family’s safety is our only concern.

Insurance companies must understand our commitment

to You – Our Customer.