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A “Factory Certified” Collision Repair Shop

Feel at ease with us repairing your vehicle. We strictly abide by the Manufacturers Guidelines. Our auto body technicians are trained by the manufacturer in all repair procedures.

We are required to use OEM parts and manufacturer-approved equipment to preserve the new vehicle warranty and ensure the vehicle is safe after collision repair.

Let us Explain.

Certified Auto Body Repair: Body shops are trained to repair vehicles according to the “Manufacturers” guidelines and standards, then given a “Certification” upon completion.

DRP or Direct Repair Program: Insurance preferred shops sign a contract with the Insurance Company to repair vehicles to the Insurer’s guidelines. Shops contracted must submit to the insurance company rules on repair.

Why is Factory Certified better for you and your vehicle?

Keep in mind you will be driving the repaired vehicle.

Insurance companies usually pay the bill for the repairs and their primary concern is controlling the costs.

Unfortunately, the claims person that looks at your vehicle may have never even attempted collision repair before, but still writes the estimate to repair your vehicle.

They may tell you that using cheaper parts other than OEM parts are fine, because they have never had to put them on a vehicle or see how they hold up in an accident.

They don’t understand that a “Factory Trained” technician commands a higher hourly rate than a normal auto body laborer.

Today’s new vehicles require factory trained techs for welding aluminum correctly, wiring sensors and so much more.

Factory Certified body shops have never been mentioned to most people. The reason; most people call their insurance company first and are sent to a DRP or Preferred shop the insurance company recommends (that’s called steering).

Getting “Factory Certified” is a complicated, expensive and long process that few body shops undertake.

The Certification process requires sponsorship by a local dealership, complete specialized training, purchase of special equipment to complete the work correctly for each manufacturer and even set up the waiting area and restroom facilities to factory guidelines.

Most certifications take up to a year to complete.

At Jerry’s, we feel your safety is worth the expense and time.


Jerry’s Collision Center is Factory Certified by Honda, Acura, Chevrolet, GM, and Hyundai

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