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Expert Insurance Claims Management

Our shop has grown by working with insurance companies since 1980 and have years of experience processing your claims quickly and smoothly.

We make every effort to provide your insurance company with all of the information they need to process your insurance claim quickly and fairly.

We handle all of our claims electronically for even faster processing.

We maintain great working relationships with insurance companies and constantly stay updated on the Illinois state laws that guide insurers in regard to estimates and repairs.

Most insurance companies have what are referred to as “DRP” or Direct Repair Programs. Auto body shops that are a part of these programs belong to referral networks created by insurance companies.

Unfortunately, this referral relationship may create a conflict of interest as the repair facility considers the insurance company to be their customer. The insurance company, therefore, becomes their top priority, at the expense of the vehicle owner.

**NOTE** Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims center to get an estimate. You may leave your car at our shop and ask the insurance company to inspect your car at Jerry’s Collision Center to save time.

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 Our Insurance Experts Make the Claims Process Painless!

At the same time, we make sure your insurance company understands the extent of the vehicle damage and is well informed for your best repair coverage.

We’ll make sure the repair is fixed thoroughly to ensure a safe ride for you and your loved ones after the repair. Should your vehicle have any important items that will not be covered by insurance, we’ll contact you to give YOU the choice to repair for you and your family’s safety.

We promise to repair your automobile to the full extent of your insurance coverage.

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Insurance Claim Reminders

  • Never drive a vehicle with unsafe damages. Bring your vehicle directly to our shop.
  • The Illinois statute only requires you to obtain one estimate or appraisal.
  • It’s against the law for the insurance company to require a specific body shop. It’s your choice!
  • Your insurance company may refer you to a specific shop, but you are not required to use it.
  • There will be no difference in price between a shop your insurance company refers vs one you choose.
Insurance Claims

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